The Impossible List

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, even though I wasn’t too sure about what I would blog about. I finally decided to take the plunge and thought creating an impossible list would make for a great first blog post.

You may be asking, “What is an impossible list?” An impossible list is sort of like a bucket list, but it’s not. It’s many times better! I got the idea from Thomas Frank and Joel Runyon, both very active and successful bloggers. Their impossible lists can be seen in the links I just provided.

So, a bucket list is a static list of things you’re hoping to accomplish before your time is up. It doesn’t really motivate you to take action and try and accomplish the items that are on your list.

The impossible list is a constantly evolving list of goals and experiences. With an impossible list, you build upon your goals and experiences. Your list is always growing. You’re motivated to keep on pushing forward and to keep on adding items to the list. It serves as a reminder of where you have come from, what you have accomplished, and how much you have changed.

I’m not the greatest writer, so you may still be a little confused about what an impossible list actually is. Hopefully, over time and through more blog posts, my writing will improve significantly. It’s also 2:15am and I don’t have the energy to continue writing any further. If you want more information, check out Joel Runyon’s post about what the impossible list actually is.

Now, on to my list. This is just a start. One of my tasks for today was to start an impossible list. Here it is. It’s small now, but it will grow significantly.

My Impossible List

  • Start a blog [07-17-15]
  • Create a blog post [07-23-15]
  • Start an impossible list [07-23-15]
  • Create a website
  • Start a business

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